Thermo-container TKM-75 (Expanded polystyrene)

Reusable External dimensions: 785х560х550 mm Internal dimensions: 605х375х350 mm Volume: 79 l

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Thermo-container TKM-30 (Expanded polystyrene)

Reusable External dimensions: 540х440х370 mm Internal dimensions: 300х400х240 mm Volume: 30 l

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Thermo-container TKM-10 (Expanded polystyrene)

Reusable External dimensions: 340x290x300 mm Internal dimensions: 250x200x200 mm Volume: 10 l

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Thermo-container TK-90 (Disposable)

Disposable External dimensions: 780x525x490 mm Internal dimensions: 655x400x350 mm Volume: 90 l

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Thermo-container TK-9 (Disposable)

Disposable External dimensions: 395x265x285 mm Internal dimensions: 330x170x180 mm Volume: 9 l

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Thermo-container TM-80

Reusable External dimensions: 710x500x410 mm Internal dimensions: 600x390x330 mm Volume: 80 l

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Thermo-container TM-52

Reusable External dimensions: 520x500x520 mm Internal dimensions: 360x340x380 mm Valume: 50 l

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Thermo-container TM-35

Reusable External dimensions: 500x360x480 mm Internal dimensions: 385x240x380 mm Volume: 37 l

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Thermo-container TM-20

Reusable External dimensions: 500x360x360 mm Internal dimensions: 380x230x270 mm Volume: 25 l

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Thermo-container TM-8

Reusable External dimensions: 360x240x250 mm Internal dimensions: 280x160x175 mm Volume: 8 l

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Thermo-container TM-5

Reusable External dimensions: 320x260x270 mm Internal dimensions: 210x150x175 mm Volume: 6 l

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Ice packs "MXD"

Reusable External dimensions: 165x95x33 mm Wight: from 200 g

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Ice packs "ATX-1,35"

Reusable External dimensions: 293x193x32 mm Wight: from 1.5 kg

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Thermo-indicator TI-2

External dimensions: 115x60x20 mm Weight: 125g

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About production "Termo-Kont MK"

Complete line of thermo-container system includes electronic thermo-indicators, thermo-registers for “cold chain” shipment of thermo- unstable products of medical and general origin.
Our company business approach is based on long-term operational experience in organization, manufacturing, supply and maintenance of “cool-chain” technology uti- lized for local, international, long distance transportation, by ground or air, of medical immune-biological products, bi-specimen, and donors’ blood.
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  • Thermo-container TM-8 provide safe temperature controlled storage for three (3) and more days, for t... RUB
  • Thermo-container TK-9 is designed as a box of corrugated cardboard with four valve bottom and cover ... RUB
  • Thermo-container Medical TKM-30 is designed for transportation and storage of thermo immunological a... RUB
  • Ice packs MXD-3 is used for drugs that prevent freezing and overheating (+2 to +8) C (eg, vaccines, ... RUB
  • Provide reception of visual and recorded information of a maintained ... RUB
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